Shift Education | 2016 March
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March 2016

Women winning in RIO

Women in Rio have been top performers. Sexism is tired and ready to die a quick and useful death for all the young people in the world to benefit. Have a laugh and see some examples of Sexism showing it's ugly head again.

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Amy Schumer on Bodies

Okay, I've never had an eating disorder, but I've always and still do flirt with my old friends 'Sugar' and 'Eating Whatever I Want.' Two old friends that have been there for me all along.  Recently, I've developed a closer relationship with 'Salty,' he is really tasty and again very loyal, always close by when I need him. Our relationship with food matters, and what matters more is your health, being comfortable in whatever body, shape, size, height, colour, hair, teeth,...

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Happiness looks like

Let me tell you about these two young people. Kiera had been asking her boyfriend Matt for a ring for quite sometime - think years. He had been delivering several rings: from the dentist, a few more from the Dollar Store and finally a real one. Kiera was happy to receive a ring every single time, in fact it got me thinking that, taking off rings, re-asking, re-committing a promise, then putting them back on again, with a kiss, is...

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