Shift Education | For adults
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For adults

Askable Adult 101

Co-Creating Healthy Communities with our Kids

What will you learn?

  • Methods to keep kids safe from unsafe adults.
  • How to teach anatomy and body function with comfort.
  • How to answer the tricky questions that kids ask.
  • How to be an Askable Adult and empower kids.

In this workshop participants build comfort in discussing and teaching challenging topics such as: body science, safe and unsafe touching, appropriate behaviour, and sensuality and sexuality.

Participants will become clear on their personal values about relationships, safety, and sexuality and develop strategies to foster meaningful conversations with the children in their lives.

Customize this workshop series to meet your needs

  • Book the entire workshop series for a group.
  • Book the entire workshop for a few diverse learners.
  • Choose the individual topics/lessons numbered 1 – 10 that best suite the students learning.
  • Set up one on one, individualized sessions.

A workshop for parents, caregivers, and professionals working with children ages 0-7

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