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Make the shift

You, the adult, can then build your capacity (and that of your organization if you’re representing one) to support young folks who need to learn about sexuality from someone they can trust.

Learn how to talk to young people about sexuality without being weird about it.

Make the shift. Build your capacity to support young folks who need to learn about sexuality from someone they can trust. That’s the real work: raising young people—both typical and diverse learners—who know their bodies and rights can make informed choices, and have healthy relationships.

The Circuit

An inclusive and comprehensive Sexual Health Education Program for students aged 14-18 years old. Learn how to offer The Circuit to your students through our online or in-person training and purchase The Circuit Kit today.

Consent Module

An online module for high school students that's accessible on personal devices. This module offers flexibility, allowing students to complete it in just 20-30 minutes and schools to easily track student engagement and progress.

Healthy Relationships

A training for educators and caregivers of diverse learners age 10+. It offers a way into sometimes difficult conversations about sexual health so that you can support diverse learners in developing essential life skills.

Educational Resources

Sexual Health Education Tools for Parents, Caregivers, and Educators

What people are saying...

I liked your openness and humour. A great way to learn about what can be a difficult subject.
Past Participant
Great presentation, personable, open, answered questions, respectful of people with questions, very interactive – helped us to get to know each other better.
Past Participant