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Digital Media Literacy

It’s impossible to discuss healthy relationships and sexual health education without diving into the digital world!

Shift Education now offers comprehensive digital media literacy lessons to grades 4-12 titled Tech Savvy Kids! In today’s digital age, understanding technology is paramount, and these lessons equip students with the skills they need to navigate the online landscape safely and responsibly.

Depending on the grade and where you feel your students are at, these are some of the topics discussed:

  • Healthy screen time
  • How to use the internet in positive ways
  • Alternative ways to spend time and build connections
  • Social pressure and content promoting extreme wealth
  • Body image, filters and editing, comparison
  • Pornography
  • General misinformation
We recommend at least two sessions per class for these lessons. This gives us enough time to really dive into the material and make sure everyone understands.
For support in boosting your school population’s digital media literacy skills, contact us!