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Following the lead of many major universities, Shift Education is introducing an online module for high school students. Accessible via personal devices, this self-paced module requires just 20-30 minutes to complete. Topics covered include:

  • Signs of unhealthy relationships
  • Non-verbal consent cues
  • Power dynamics
  • Setting boundaries
  • and more!
The Consent Module, provided via Thinkific, a software company headquartered in Vancouver, enables schools to monitor their students’ progress continuously.

How It Works

Taken at the beginning of the school year, the Consent Module offers students a comprehensive and collective understanding of consent for the semesters to follow. This is a great tool to set the tone for the school year!

Ultimately, it empowers students to recognize the importance of consent, navigate complex situations with confidence, and contribute to a culture of mutual respect and autonomy.

What's Included

Delivering great value at just $2 per student, here’s what’s included:

  • Instructions on how to roll-out the module in your school
  • Access to the course for the entire year
  • Data for you to track the progress of your students
  • Editable letter home to parents/caregivers
  • Discussion questions for further classroom instruction

Contact us to learn more about the Consent Module and how you can bring it to your school!