Hi, I’m Jessy.

 Grounded in values of safety, respect, and collaboration, I’ve been actively involved in working with children and youth with diverse abilities since 1995. I’m the founder and Owner of Shift Education.

People say that I’m a dynamic presenter and they like that I bring humour into my workshops. I am a Teacher and Certified Sexual Health Educator by trade, with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Minor in Learning Disabilities. I also have a gaggle of children, three wonderfully different boys. 


I teach body science and sexual health education workshops to professionals, parents, and both typical and special needs children and youth.

I work for many different organizations, school boards, and families. Take a look at my partners page to see where I work.

It would be an honour to work with you, your family, or your students. Keep in touch through Social Media, email or you can even call me and I will get back to you in person!


Many models and options for youth or adults with diverse learning needs.

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