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Healthy Relationships

How can we, as educators and caregivers, best support our diverse learners with the information and social rules they need to be safe and have healthy relationships?

The Healthy Relationships Training (HRT) is a professional development training for educators and caregivers of diverse learners age 10+. The two-day training (delivered with implementation time—up to 8 weeks—in between) is centred around the 10-unit Healthy Relationships Curriculum (HRC), which is included. Both the training and curriculum offer a way into sometimes difficult conversations about sexual health so that you can support diverse learners in developing essential life skills.

The training itself involves getting comfortable talking about sex and sexuality, preparing to teach the curriculum, and unpacking all of its units.

The curriculum is scripted and done for you in a way that tells you exactly how to proceed. Each lesson builds on the next and you can take it fast or slow, depending on where your learners are at. There are also built-in assessments to measure your learners’ understanding of the content.

At the end of the training, participants will be prepared to build groups and teach the Healthy Relationships Curriculum to individual learners or a curated group of diverse learners.

Who’s it for?

The Healthy Relationships Training is for educators and caregivers of diverse learners who believe in the rights of their learners and want to help them foster healthy relationships. You want to be able to talk about sexual health in a clear, comfortable, and appropriate way.

You also want to help your learners to have the best quality of life they can. You’re willing to advocate for what they want, which includes having relationships that are both platonic and sexual. You’re willing to move the conversation about sexuality past protection to intimacy. You see the learners you’re supporting as worthy of this and you’re willing to remind them of their worthiness.

Your learners have a range of needs. They need to know appropriate behaviours for public versus private spaces. They need to know about their anatomy, physiology, and self-care. They’re already having sex, or haven’t had sex but are interested in it. They need to know about types of touch, consent, and safe sex.

Your learners want to move away from isolation and feel a sense of belonging. They need to know how to identify healthy versus unhealthy relationships.

Your learners may also be looking at pornography, so they need to understand more about it and how to be safe online.

Most of all, your learners need someone to talk to about all of these things so that they can have the lives they deserve.


This training will give you a way into a sometimes difficult conversation. You will learn to clarify your own values so you don’t project them onto the individuals you support.

You will build your capacity to talk comfortably and confidently about sexual health education.
You will clarify your role as someone who can support diverse learners in having safe and healthy relationships. You will practice your ability to suspend your judgement and will become a more skillful advocate of true inclusion and supporter of diverse learners.

Because this training comes with a curriculum, you don’t have to invent the wheel. You will have living documents that give you a fantastic teaching foundation, but can be customized and amended as necessary.

As much as you’ll benefit from this training, your learners will benefit too from a curriculum that treats them with respect and allows them to be sexual beings who can have healthy relationships.


Suitable for 8 to 30 educators or caregivers from one or more schools or organizations, this training can be booked between 9am and 4pm, on two days between Monday to Thursday(delivered with implementation time—up to eight weeks—in between).

The training is usually booked and organized by a representative from one organization. Pick your days (with some options if you can’t get your first choice) and get in touch with me. We’ll book it and go over the details. Then it’s up to you to recruit other guest organizations who you wish to split the cost with. You can give them a shout and send them a link to this page.

Please note that a flash drive is provided for the host school as part of the training, but each guest school will need to purchase their own flash drive.

This training comes with the 10-unit Healthy Relationships Curriculum on a flash drive for the host organization, as well as a teaching manual. Guest organizations will need to purchase their own flash drives.

The HRC Flash Drive Includes:

  • The slides for all 10 units (167 total) in PowerPoint
  • Scripted notes in a “living” Word document that can be edited and amended as necessary
  • Four pre and post assessments in Word
  • A bonus unit on puberty
  • Instructor binder with scripted notes printed, as well as additional resources and a book list

Note: There are other recommended teaching materials that may be purchased separately, such as the Healthy Relationships cards. I will discuss these options with you.

I will travel to any school or organization within Vancouver and the province to deliver the training. A travel fee, to be discussed, applies to trainings hosted outside of Vancouver.

The preferred venue is a classroom or boardroom with suitable seating, a projector, speakers, and a whiteboard.