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Everyone has a right to know about and understand the workings of their own body.

Through workshops, professional development trainings, and resources, I forge the way for teachers, caretakers, parents, and grandparents who want to learn how to talk to young people—including diverse learners—about sexuality without being weird about it.

The Circuit

An inclusive and comprehensive Sexual Health Education Program for students aged 14-18 years old. Learn how to offer The Circuit to your students through our online or in-person training and purchase The Circuit Kit today.

The Askable Adult

A practical workshop geared toward parents and other caregivers that provides tools, language, and strategies to teach and empower kids to stand up to unsafe situations, know their own bodies, and have healthy relationships.

Healthy Relationships Training

A training for educators and caregivers of diverse learners age 10+. It offers a way into sometimes difficult conversations about sexual health so that you can support diverse learners in developing essential life skills.

What people are saying...

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You for sharing your knowledge and expertise with Brockton's Junior School students, parents, and staff this spring. You have an amazing presence and I so respect your commitment to a strong "knowledge is power" philosophy.
Past Participant
Great workshop filled with tons of information and resources. Jessy is very knowledgeable and effective as a workshop leader. I felt safe and comfortable to open up and share personal experience. I left the workshop feeling empowered connected and supported. Jessy was able to meet my needs for validation and reassurance. I would definitely recommend this workshop.
Past Participant