Everyone has a right to know about and understand the workings of their own body.

Through workshops, professional development trainings, and resources, I forge the way for teachers, caretakers, parents, and grandparents who want to learn how to talk to young people—including diverse learners—about sexuality without being weird about it.

The Askable Adult

The Askable Adult is a two-and-a-half-hour practical workshop geared toward parents, grandparents, and other caregivers. It gives you the tools, language, and strategies to teach and empower kids to stand up to unsafe situations, know their own bodies, and have healthy relationships.

Being able to talk to kids about the hard and cringey stuff is a way of being responsible. It’s a way to raise kids who make better choices because they’re better informed.

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Healthy Relationships Training

The Healthy Relationships Training (HRT) is a professional development training for educators and caregivers of diverse learners age 10+. The two-day training is centred around the 10-unit Healthy Relationships Curriculum (HRC), which is included. Both the training and curriculum offer a way into sometimes difficult conversations about sexual health so that you can support diverse learners in developing essential life skills.

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The Sex Ed Circuit

The Sex Ed Circuit is a two-day professional development training (with the option for a bonus lesson demonstration day) for P.E. teachers who will learn to deliver a 75-minute “grab & go” sex ed lesson to their students. It offers an accessible way for teachers to meet their P.H.E. teaching requirement, without having to have a whole lot of expertise. The lesson involves moving from station to station—much like a fitness circuit—learning about different aspects of sexual and physical health, as well as healthy relationships.

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