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Amy Schumer on Bodies

Okay, I’ve never had an eating disorder, but I’ve always and still do flirt with my old friends ‘Sugar’ and ‘Eating Whatever I Want.’ Two old friends that have been there for me all along.  Recently, I’ve developed a closer relationship with ‘Salty,’ he is really tasty and again very loyal, always close by when I need him.

Our relationship with food matters, and what matters more is your health, being comfortable in whatever body, shape, size, height, colour, hair, teeth, feet…you have.

Time to get over ourselves and move for health.

I mean, can we focus our attention on something other then our level of hotness for a second. Tones of things matter more then hotness, like #Laughter #Fun #Friends #Family #Romance #Sex #Sleep #Eating  BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT

Thanks @amyschumer for helping us all laugh at our ridiculous selves a little more.

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