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Happiness looks like

Let me tell you about these two young people. Kiera had been asking her boyfriend Matt for a ring for quite sometime — think years. He had been delivering several rings: from the dentist, a few more from the Dollar Store and finally a real one. Kiera was happy to receive a ring every single time. In fact, it got me thinking that taking off rings, re-asking, re-committing a promise, then putting them back on again with a kiss is a pretty great idea.

One morning when Matt was hanging out at home he was looking around and spotted a beautiful ring in a dish on the dresser. He thought, “That’s the one. Kiera will love it, and perhaps, finally she’ll be satisfied.” He took it to group and proposed in his now polished and delightful manner. Kiera again accepted in her gracious and proud moment, now well practiced.

After a short time it was realized that the ring, around $10,000, was probably not going to be ‘the one,’ as it was Matt’s mum’s wedding ring that was picked out of a dish, while she showered.

What I love about these two is their commitment to trying — to trying to hear the other, to say yes and do better. We have to hear what our partner is asking for to make our relationships better. The ask also has to be realistic.

For Kiera and Matt, I see more rings in their future until ‘the one,’ comes along.